Lace Netting Nails Design

Lace Netting Nails Design

Video of a Very Sexy Hot Lace Nail Design & I promise you, you will love this  video of these sexy nail designs, it’s just like your wearing lace but it’s just on your nails. These nails are just as hot as if you had on a lace outfit. so sexy & there on stiletto nails.

Fancy Feathers & Eye Nail Stickers

Fancy Feathers & Eye Nail Stickers

What’s nails without no designs or fancy art added to them unless the polish is just banging, sparkling or glossy alone but when you add art to them it just make the nails stand out even more like this fancy stickers. If you click on the photos of these nail stickers it will take you right to the site where you can shop them if you like.

Sexy Thigh high Dress

Sexy Thigh high Dress

I personally love skin tight dresses especially when they have a lot of sex appeal to them like this dress here with the off shoulder & cut out open skin designs. It’s about that time to put on some sexy wear for this summer and this dress & more hot dresses can be found at

Dual Heart Clutch Rhinestone Bag

Dual Heart Clutch Rhinestone Bag

Feel like going out on a date or just a night out on the town or maybe somewhere fancy in the day time hours well don’t forget your clutch because this Is an unique double heart sparkling bag that is certainly unforgettable and it’s located at

Colorful Crystal Rhinestone Butterfly Navel Belly Ring

Colorful Crystal Rhinestone Butterfly Navel Belly Ring

What’s cuter than having some sparkling butterfly hang from your navel. It’s sexy and hot but this butterfly belly ring is everything especially with an exotic skin tight outfit or something that fits your style, either way your belly is going to look sexy as ever wearing this. When you click on the photo of this belly ring it will take you exactly where you can buy this cute jewelry piece.

Looking in the Mirror

Looking in the Mirror

Gorgeous Compact Mirror with Swarovski Crystal Rosette Pattern that you can look into and say I’m Beautiful. Do you ever feel like if no else tells you that your beautiful that you can just look in a mirror all day long at yourself no matter what you have on and say to yourself, “Self I am beautiful and if no one else can tell me I am glad I’m here today to tell me.” I feel like this all the time whether my hair is messy, with or without make-up on, or even if I just have on pajamas. I think everyone deserves to look in the mirror and just say out loud or to there self I’m beautiful but just in case you didn’t look in the mirror today & tell yourself this I’m telling you, “You are beautiful no matter what you look like, I believe everyone has beautiful qualities about them so don’t forget tomorrow to grab & look in that mirror and say what, I’m beautiful and it’s not about being conceited but being confident.” You don’t have to look in this actual beautiful mirror that I posted, you can look in any mirror but if you choose to look in this mirror I posted it can be found at (Personally I love this mirror and I think it is as beautiful as I am.)

Sexy Sequin Tube Dress

Sexy Sequin Tube Dress

Are you ready to party or go out on the town well this is the perfect dress to do it in. It’s Hot and Summer is coming so aren’t you ready to put on some off the hook or just relaxing clothing, dresses, & more I know I am. This dress is only $29.87!!! Wow this is an unbelievably good price for such a sexy hot dress at

Things that I Love & Things You Should Love Too

Things that I Love & Things You Should Love Too

Sexy Cut out bikinis is just one of the things that I love but to see more of what I love & stuff I think you would seriously love too then please check out my outrageous fashionable & stylish site & please share your thoughts on what you think, so here it is at