Red Box Clutch

Red Box Clutch

Very fashionable clutch that you can get away with carrying this even in the daytime in my opinion, it doesn’t just have to be an evening bag because I would carry this day or night. Love the U shape design, cute. Check it out for yourself at

Red Rose Handbag


Every girl love roses whether there real or not especially when there put into fashion but real roses are better on Valentine’s Day or any other Special Day. Now don’t you love this cute little bag, it’s so adorable. Wondering where it’s at just click the adorable red bag to see.

Hot Sexy Red Wig

Hot Sexy Red Wig

By the way this is not me in the photo but I love the Red Wig she’s wearing, it’s not just daring it’s hot and I actually had my real hair this color several times but as we all know everyone can’t wear these bright colors unless they choose to but luckily it looks right when I wear it. Click the photo to see more bright colored wigs.

Red Lips with Tongue Nail Art

Red Lips with Tongue Nail Art

Get yourself some hot red lipstick, put it on, and get these sexy red lips on your nails and you’d be just like the lady in red with red lips, red nail art, & maybe even a hot red dress. I know I have a crazy imagination but I love fantasizing and imagining stuff. LOL, nail art is at

Cute Hot Red Bling Bowknot Iphone Case

Cute Hot Red Bling Bowknot  Iphone Case

Like I said it’s all about the cute, sexy, & the “RED”. With this hot I phone case you can match it up with a hot sparkling red or white outfit or color block it with something but what ever you wear carrying this case should definitely be sparkling like your case so you 2 can sparkle together.

Red Feather Skirt

Red Feather Skirt

My fashion diva drawing has on a red feathery skirt with some crystal gems around her neck & wrist looking so hot as she looks down at her sleepy tiger. Now I know I should have drawn this on wood, canvas, or black board but oh well you learn from your mistakes but I still love it. If your into art more of my art is located at and