Butterfly Jewelry


Beautiful Butterfly Necklace Sets than comes in different colors and there very affordable at http://www.bornprettystore.com/product_info.php?ref=2542&products_id=18952&affiliate_banner_id=1

Bright Shimmering Eye Shadows

I love nothing more but a beautiful eye that stands out when I go out and nothing is prettier than having a sparkling eye so check out these pretty bright colors that would put a sparkle in any eye.


Let’s have a Pillow Fight

These are some of my favorite throw pillows which comes in different sizes and art styles that I love. Sometimes I just think about being at a pajama party having a fun pillow fight with these soft pillows you can shop at http://nicole-burrell.fineartamerica.com   But after the pillow fight is over I would just go back to decorating my living rooms, bedrooms, or any other rooms and offices these pillows would look very nice in because these pillows would put a shine to any room whether in your homes or businesses.

Stripperpillowfaa 2facedtigerpillowfaa elephantpillowfaa ghostlypillow glitterlippillowfaa monkeyandtigpillowfaa owlpillow Peacockpillowpixels playingballpillow sexypillow shaggypuppillowfaa snakepassionpillow snakepillow sunlightpillow

Sexy Vs. Vintage Art

Some of these art pieces are sexy & some are vintage but please you be the judge. All of these creations that I created myself can be viewed at my site@ http://nicole-burrell.pixels.com  And there all sold on several items. I just was trying to create the unthinkable but make them look so real at the same time. Hope you enjoy my creativity as I will be creating more cool art very soon.

2facetiger sparklinglip StripperSpots