Fishnets & Corsets

This summer I’m in the mood for being extra sexy & stylish so I’m thinking of rocking a lot of fishnets stockings and corsets to start out with because I think the two put together looks hot especially if it’s put together right. Like on the picture below I have on a lace fishnet one piece with a corset on with lace ruffles around it so it goes perfect together plus it matches.

Mixed media favs done by me

Eventually I want to redo these art pieces of mine and bling them out and just do something different with them since there some of my favorite art pieces that I feel that I ever done.♥️♥️♥️ So I want to make them look extra special and when I do I will repost them in a different light 😉

My luv for fashion

I just thought I post some of my favorite fashion pieces because when it comes to sparkling and sequin clothes I’m always undecided. It’s like I don’t know which outfit I really want to wear because they all be so gorgeous so I decided to post some of my undecided pieces that I really love below.