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Luxury Cat Paw Nail Ring

Luxury Ciat Paw Nail Ring

These nails are so sexy & would make great Mother’s day gifts or just great gifts period. They are hot and can save you money from going to the nail salon all the time. Click on photo to buy this or just check out, hope you love it as much as I do.

1pc Retro Ring Fashion Rhinestone Finger Nail Flower Design Ring


1pc Retro Ring Fashion Rhinestone Finger Nail Flower Design Ring

This nail ring is hot, punkish, sexy, vintage, feminine and very different all at the same time. Be the first to wear this sexy hot nail ring and stand out from others and the crowd. Who do you know that wears such beautiful nail rings with flower designs on them so spread the word about these hot nail rings or you be the first to get them. They are gold, shiny, and sparkling, all that a girl wants in some hot sexy nail rings. I would wear these all day if it was up to me and I would go to the store in these to show them off. I would not wait to wear these just to go partying or out, I would wear these everywhere I could just to be the center of attention because that’s exactly what you would be when you put one or more .of these on