My Ripley’s Believe it or Not Photos

I took some of these very interesting photos at the Ripley’s Believe it or Not at Williamsburg, VA. so please check out some of my awesome Vacation Photos taken this Year 2015

This is Ant Candy something I would never eat and they was selling this in there store here.


This is a real bat and someone has painted beautiful art on it, interesting.


This is a woman with some very long crazy nails.


I forgot what this dress was made out of but I liked it so I took a photo of it.Fashiondress

This Gorilla is made of all real black nails and they did an excellent job!


The rest of the photos has stories behind them also but all I can remember is that the yellow transformer below is made up of all car parts which is also very interesting and cool but please do enjoy checking out all my cool photos.

head IMG_0864 maninjail NailsGorilla Parts prison Sculpture transformer