Sexy Vs. Vintage Art

Some of these art pieces are sexy & some are vintage but please you be the judge. All of these creations that I created myself can be viewed at my site@  And there all sold on several items. I just was trying to create the unthinkable but make them look so real at the same time. Hope you enjoy my creativity as I will be creating more cool art very soon.

2facetiger sparklinglip StripperSpots

Body Chains All Day


Personally speaking I love body chains and I love feeling & looking sexy. I would wear any type of body chains with a hot sexy body suit, a skin tight one piece dress or cat suit, some lingerie, or even by itself with nothing for the bedroom only though. LOL This Body chain is at

Vintage Face Mask


Some of us like to have fun going out to costume parties or masquerade balls and I thought this mask along with other stylish face masks would be perfect for Halloween coming up or other festive holidays or activities and the masks are located at