Caesar Drawing

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Snake on face with City on Dress

New Year is Coming, New Missions, New Goals, & New Online Store

I’ve recently opened up a new online store through Zazzle in which some of you probably heard of or are very familiar with so I just would like to share it with everyone and as you may know that site sells amazing products of all kinds and I’ve uploaded my art work to be presented and of course sold on these products but I am in process of uploading more so please visit my new online store at  (And share with your friends and family)  Some of my art below is just a few of what I posted on the site but visit the site and check it out yourself but I’m trying to figure out some stuff with the site so if some stuff don’t look right, I’m working on trying to fix it but all opinions are welcome so I can become better. And you can also visit this site too of mine at and this one too at  (As all sites sell some of the same & different stuff)

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Red Feather Skirt

Red Feather Skirt

My fashion diva drawing has on a red feathery skirt with some crystal gems around her neck & wrist looking so hot as she looks down at her sleepy tiger. Now I know I should have drawn this on wood, canvas, or black board but oh well you learn from your mistakes but I still love it. If your into art more of my art is located at and