Great Christmas Ideas

All these items would make great gifts & links under photos to buy these hot items:


Shimmer eye shadows at


Owl bracelet watch at


Dragonfly necklace at

hatsfor kidsbps.jpg

Hats for kids at


Tiger pajamas at


Mini Sound box speakers at


Fashionable Stylish Clocks

Click the link below to view my fine art work on this stylish clock & other hot items at this site of mine where my art is sold on many household items and much more all at

Great Mugs & Gifts for the Holidays

Just click the link below and it will take you to my DesVonDej Store where you can buy mugs and a whole lot of amazing products with my photography and art work presented on the products. These items would of course make some great gifts for the holidays.

Rocking with Vintage Skull Items

skull collar Skull shirt skullcellphonecovers skullearcuff skullhandbag skullnecklace skullpunkring skullring skullringpunk skullrosering skullwatch

The link provided will lead you to the last item shown which is the skull watch but all the photos shown is located & can be shopped at the same site@

1Pc Luxury Rhinestones Lady’s Bracelet Women Wrist Watch Steel Watch

1Pc Luxury Rhinestones Lady's Bracelet Women Wrist Watch Steel Watch

This watch bracelet is just gorgeous in so many ways. You get to look gorgeous and check the time on it, Wow, this is a hot piece here. This would make a perfect gift for any occasion.

Visible Lace Dress Daring Splicing Sheath Dress Lace Bodycon Dress

Visible Lace Dress Daring Splicing Sheath Dress Lace Bodycon Dress

This sexy red black lace dress is to die for, who wouldn’t want to be seen in this drop it like it’s hot dress or going out to dinner dress, either way this dress is too sexy not to get. Hook this dress up with some nice jewelry & make-up and you will be the only fashion diva everyone will be checking out for the night or day. Click the photo to buy this or to check it out and share with friends, social media, and family please if you don’t mind.