Mixed Metal Nail Art

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Marilyn Monroe Nail Art Water Decals

I am a very big fan of Marilyn Monroe and I just love this nail art with her on them, it’s not just sexy to where a legend on your nails but it’s so hot!

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Red Lips with Tongue Nail Art

Red Lips with Tongue Nail Art

Get yourself some hot red lipstick, put it on, and get these sexy red lips on your nails and you’d be just like the lady in red with red lips, red nail art, & maybe even a hot red dress. I know I have a crazy imagination but I love fantasizing and imagining stuff. LOL, nail art is at http://www.bornprettystore.com/product_info.php?ref=2542&products_id=11890&affiliate_banner_id=1

Lace Netting Nails Design

Lace Netting Nails Design

Video of a Very Sexy Hot Lace Nail Design & I promise you, you will love this  video of these sexy nail designs, it’s just like your wearing lace but it’s just on your nails. These nails are just as hot as if you had on a lace outfit. so sexy & there on stiletto nails.

Luxury Cat Paw Nail Ring

Luxury Ciat Paw Nail Ring

These nails are so sexy & would make great Mother’s day gifts or just great gifts period. They are hot and can save you money from going to the nail salon all the time. Click on photo to buy this or just check out, hope you love it as much as I do.