Two Sparkling Females on Sale

I’m Selling my Original Art of Two Sparkling Females on sale for $60 and it’s on a white 12 in x 12 in Canvas, and on one of the females face is a mix of Swarovski crystals and rhinestones, and it’s a drawing and painting of two females sparkling with paint and some glitter and around one of the females are pink glittered cloth pins but it is a very lovely piece but I put a lot of work into it and remember I always do freelance work and take commission orders all the time if anyone is interested in having something special done. And I accept payments through pay pal and I ship my art for free so there’s free shipping on my original art only not through my pixels or faa site. So if anyone interested in buying this send me a message through my website and I will email my email address in a response back to you and we will go from there. And the Art work is listed above.


2 Sparkling Females Art

I used a lot to create this but I’m very satisfied. I used pink glittery clothes pins, rhinestones, acrylic paint, pencil, and pink sparkling glitter to create a beautiful fantasy piece of two females.

Cute Hot Red Bling Bowknot Iphone Case

Cute Hot Red Bling Bowknot  Iphone Case

Like I said it’s all about the cute, sexy, & the “RED”. With this hot I phone case you can match it up with a hot sparkling red or white outfit or color block it with something but what ever you wear carrying this case should definitely be sparkling like your case so you 2 can sparkle together.

Red Feather Skirt

Red Feather Skirt

My fashion diva drawing has on a red feathery skirt with some crystal gems around her neck & wrist looking so hot as she looks down at her sleepy tiger. Now I know I should have drawn this on wood, canvas, or black board but oh well you learn from your mistakes but I still love it. If your into art more of my art is located at and

Dual Heart Clutch Rhinestone Bag

Dual Heart Clutch Rhinestone Bag

Feel like going out on a date or just a night out on the town or maybe somewhere fancy in the day time hours well don’t forget your clutch because this Is an unique double heart sparkling bag that is certainly unforgettable and it’s located at

1Pc Fantastic Colorful Rhinestoned Bow Patterned Charming 3D Nail Art Decoration

 1Pc Fantastic Colorful Rhinestoned Bow Patterned Charming 3D Nail Art Decoration

These cute bow nail art pieces come in various different colors and they are so cute on the nails, there different and something you hardly see on nails so why not get some and stand out from the crowd.

1Pc Luxury Rhinestones Lady’s Bracelet Women Wrist Watch Steel Watch

1Pc Luxury Rhinestones Lady's Bracelet Women Wrist Watch Steel Watch

This watch bracelet is just gorgeous in so many ways. You get to look gorgeous and check the time on it, Wow, this is a hot piece here. This would make a perfect gift for any occasion.