Two Sparkling Females on Sale

I’m Selling my Original Art of Two Sparkling Females on sale for $60 and it’s on a white 12 in x 12 in Canvas, and on one of the females face is a mix of Swarovski crystals and rhinestones, and it’s a drawing and painting of two females sparkling with paint and some glitter and around one of the females are pink glittered cloth pins but it is a very lovely piece but I put a lot of work into it and remember I always do freelance work and take commission orders all the time if anyone is interested in having something special done. And I accept payments through pay pal and I ship my art for free so there’s free shipping on my original art only not through my pixels or faa site. So if anyone interested in buying this send me a message through my website and I will email my email address in a response back to you and we will go from there. And the Art work is listed above.

Half Woman Fantasy

halfwoman.JPGWho wouldn’t want to look like this lol. Isn’t she beautiful and you can buy this art on several home décor products at


Sexy Vs. Vintage Art

Some of these art pieces are sexy & some are vintage but please you be the judge. All of these creations that I created myself can be viewed at my site@  And there all sold on several items. I just was trying to create the unthinkable but make them look so real at the same time. Hope you enjoy my creativity as I will be creating more cool art very soon.

2facetiger sparklinglip StripperSpots

Rocking with Vintage Skull Items

skull collar Skull shirt skullcellphonecovers skullearcuff skullhandbag skullnecklace skullpunkring skullring skullringpunk skullrosering skullwatch

The link provided will lead you to the last item shown which is the skull watch but all the photos shown is located & can be shopped at the same site@

Vintage Face Mask


Some of us like to have fun going out to costume parties or masquerade balls and I thought this mask along with other stylish face masks would be perfect for Halloween coming up or other festive holidays or activities and the masks are located at

Lace Netting Nails Design

Lace Netting Nails Design

Video of a Very Sexy Hot Lace Nail Design & I promise you, you will love this  video of these sexy nail designs, it’s just like your wearing lace but it’s just on your nails. These nails are just as hot as if you had on a lace outfit. so sexy & there on stiletto nails.

Colorful Crystal Rhinestone Butterfly Navel Belly Ring

Colorful Crystal Rhinestone Butterfly Navel Belly Ring

What’s cuter than having some sparkling butterfly hang from your navel. It’s sexy and hot but this butterfly belly ring is everything especially with an exotic skin tight outfit or something that fits your style, either way your belly is going to look sexy as ever wearing this. When you click on the photo of this belly ring it will take you exactly where you can buy this cute jewelry piece.