Throwback Thursday Drawings

These are some old drawings of mine I thought I post today taking it back but I do enjoy when I look at my old drawings and then look at my newer ones to see my progress on how I’m getting better as an artist.

Blue Delight


This beautiful art piece can also be viewed at

Snake Love Art

To view or shop this Modern Piece of Art work please visit or because on the second site listed it’s also sold on throw pillows and on the first site it’s also sold on mugs and more.

Snake Love – Nicole Burrell.

Sexy Sequin Tube Dress

Sexy Sequin Tube Dress

Are you ready to party or go out on the town well this is the perfect dress to do it in. It’s Hot and Summer is coming so aren’t you ready to put on some off the hook or just relaxing clothing, dresses, & more I know I am. This dress is only $29.87!!! Wow this is an unbelievably good price for such a sexy hot dress at